Toyota’s 14 Principles

1. Value a long term philosophy over short term gains

2. Eliminate Waste

3. Eliminate Overburdening

4. Eliminate Unevenness – Level Loading

5. Build a culture of stopping to correct problems as soon as they are discovered and of doing the work correct the first time.

6. Use standardized work as the foundation of continuous improvement and employee empowerment.

7. Utilize visual controls to bring abnormal conditions to the surface.

8. Use only reliable, tested equipment that serves your people (people should not serve machines).

9. Grow leaders from within who have a detailed understanding of their work and can teach both their work and the business system to others.

10. Develop exceptional individuals and teams that follow the philosophy of the company’s business system.

11. Challenge your network of suppliers and help them to improve.

12. Go to the Gemba (the actual place the work is done) to thoroughly understand the situation.

13. Use Nemawashi to build consensus and consider all facts and viewpoints, but once consensus exists, execute the decision rapidly.

14. Become a learning organization through deep self-reflection and never ending continuous improvement.


About swb338

I'm a Continuous Improvement Manager for a Multi-Facility Manufacturer that serves utilities across the United States. My area of interest is in the utilization of information systems and Policy Deployment techniques to scale Lean Systems from pilot projects to enterprise scale.
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